How to Compete With a Computer in the Online News Media Game

It seems every day we turn around and a computer or a robot is taking the job of the human. Certainly, it’s helped our civilization and many industries create incredible productivity, but those jobs may never be coming back. As we complain about jobs being outsourced to other countries overseas, we also should be concerned with the jobs being replaced in our own country by robots. Okay so, let’s talk about this for second shall we?

Let’s say you are a news reporter, or you are producing news content for the Internet, or a local newspaper. How on earth can you compete with computers to generate news stories? Oh you hadn’t heard, you didn’t know that many of the articles you read online were actually created by a computer program rather than human, did you – it’s true. In fact, there are now computer programs which scan the Internet for various events, and when they see similar stories popping up in various places they create a unique title using derivative algorithmic tricks, and then go online and find the;


And then they take that information and put it into a paragraph format just as any news story might read. Of course, the whole thing is plagiarized, but it’s plagiarized from so many different sources, that no one would ever know the difference. And this is what’s going on today. But how can a news reporter keep up with that? Interestingly enough, many news reporters rather than doing actual reporting do the same thing. They go onto the Internet read 4 or 5 articles on the same news event, and a rewrite it and make their own story.

This is unfortunate because no one knows if the original information from the very first article or the first few articles is even correct? Because of computers, humans trying to compete have cheated just as the computers are cheating. And because of this, we are getting lousy news stories and content online, much of it may not even be correct. Further, who is to say someone didn’t plant 4 or 5 stories in the media that they just made up, creating a news event that never happened in the first place, how would we ever know?

If you want to compete against computers when you create news articles, then you need to go to the source of the article, get personal interviews of people who were actually there, talk to them on the phone, and then use their first-hand account and their own words, quoting them in your article. Otherwise, you’re just putting more garbage on top of garbage, and as a news junkie, I’m tired of reading it. This is how you can do it right and create great news content and still compete. Please consider all this and think on it.

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Employment Law in Practice – Redundancy Advice

If you are facing a redundancy scenario then it is vital that you understand your employment law rights so that you can protect your position if you need to look for another job. It may be worthwhile getting specialized redundancy advice from an employment solicitor but before you take that step you can find out more in this guide. There are three areas that your employment solicitor will ask you about: whether the redundancy is a true redundancy, the selection criteria and the consultation process.Is it a true redundancy?The first question you will be asked by an employment solicitor is whether your redundancy is a genuine redundancy scenario. If your employer has decided it intends or has stopped doing business altogether or in a particular place, or if its need for employees in a particular area has reduced or stopped or is expected to do so, then this is a true redundancy scenario. If you have been offered redundancy but in fact you know that your job is not disappearing and it is simply that ‘your face does not fit’ or it is instead of a performance procedure then you may well have a claim and should seek advice from an employment solicitor.Selection CriteriaIf it is a true redundancy scenario, then the employer must select employees for redundancy using criteria that are fair, objective and consistently applied. The choice of selection criteria may be obvious, such as where the employer is closing a particular branch or office, when all of the employees in that place should be potential candidates for redundancy. However, many employers will need to use different criteria, as they will be reducing numbers of employees doing certain types of work. In these cases, employers may consider using criteria such as performance, profitability, relevant skills and experience, in order to retain the skill sets necessary to manage the business effectively and profitably. Choice of selection criteria may lead to grounds for a claim against an employer. For example, if the criteria is performance, profitability and experience, it may lead to claims of age discrimination (for including experience) or it may give rise to a sex discrimination claim if, for example, a female employee was chosen without taking account of the fact that a period of maternity leave has lowered her profitability. Equally, the way the criteria is applied should open, objective and fair, particularly if performance is a criteria. If you think the selection criteria was unfair or the way it is being applied is unfair, then it may be worth getting more specialized redundancy advice.ConsultationAll employers need to have a consultation period, during which a genuine effort is made to consult with the affected employees about the proposed redundancy scenario. For employers making over 20 employees redundant there are statutory rules about the length and type of consultation. Some employers seem to think that consultation is a waste of time. It shouldn’t be: this period can be used to properly consider alternatives to compulsory redundancy. The fewer the number of compulsory redundancies the less of an effect it will have on the remaining staff. Employers may could consider alternative roles for some employees – a different place of work or re-training. Where an employee is offered an alternative role, he or she is entitled to a 4 week trial period in the new job (which can be extended to 3 months by mutual agreement). Employees may be asked if they would job share, work reduced hours or take a pay cut, although this must be by agreement with the employee.CompensationThe key piece of redundancy advice most employees want is how much compensation they will get if they are made redundant. The statutory minimum redundancy pay is not much. For example, you would be entitled to 1 weeks pay (fixed at a statutory cap) for each year you worked between your 22nd and 41st birthday. As part of your redundancy package you will also be entitled to any contractual or implied notice – this will usually be upward of one month.
However, you should review the redundancy package you have been offered as potentially being a starting point for negotiations, if you have the basis for a claim or you have other factors which may incline your employer to raise the amount. An employment solicitor can tell you if you have grounds for a legal action, such as in the following examples:• It is not a genuine redundancy situation, or your employer has not followed the correct procedure and/or been fair and reasonable;
• Breach of contract
• Employment discrimination – if you were discriminated against on the basis of race, sex, religion, sexual orientation or pregnancy
• Oral promises: a promise made to induce you to do (or not to do) something. For example, you may have looked at moving earlier, got a job offer but turned it down after your employer asked you to stay and promised you that your job was guaranteed and, indeed, you would be promoted on your next review. This type of case is difficult to prove but it is less important to consider taking it to court and more important to view it as leverage to get the deal you want.Obviously a cautious approach needs to be taken when deciding whether to raise the possibility of suing your old employer – you may just annoy the people who would otherwise be on your side. However a good employment solicitor may well decide to give the advice from behind the lines without your employer being aware of them until such time as it becomes clear that negotiations are exhausted.If you are being made redundant, you may be able to get redundancy advice for free from an employment solicitor, where your employer has offered a compromise agreement. If that means an increase in the compensation you will get, it is worth going early to ensure that you still have money to meet your bills whilst you concentrate on finding your new job.

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The Essentials in Women’s Wellbeing and Health and Fitness

Women have really complex wellbeing troubles appropriate from their teens including menstrual periods, pregnancy, and menopause. All these stages are part of a usual cycle in the woman’s existence, but which can take a significant toll on her well being at times. Let us explore together what are the principal health hazards a woman faces and how to manage the exact same naturally.Everyday Well being TroublesThe major concern a woman will face all her lifestyle may be the hormonal imbalances, which inevitably leads to some number of other wellness connected issues and hazards, this kind of as throughout monthly periods you will experience moods swings, from irritability to extreme sadness and at times depression. The very same or worse hormonal imbalances occur throughout pregnancy and menopause as properly.All these instances are perfectly typical inside a woman living and you’ll merely not be in a position to put them away. As a result, it’s essential you understand the way to cope with women’s health and physical fitness so that you can deal with each single one of these circumstances.Initial points first, you have to educate oneself about your entire body and why some hormonal imbalances take location, as properly as how it effects you and your body. Once you recognize why you are having all the unusual symptoms you’ll be in a position to uncover a cure or handle them differently.The correct women’s healthiness and health strategy is to make certain normal doctor’s visits. Doctor’s visits offer an update on what your healthiness state is, and also facts on the way to take care of various situations.Helpful IdeasSpend time educating oneself and handling usual scenarios this sort of as monthly menstrual-related mood swings, which also occur when you might be pregnant or when you’ve menopause. As a result, acquiring yourself into a habit of recognizing this state of mind and finding solutions for it will enhance your healthiness and living style tremendously.There is specific women’s healthiness and fitness centers, which can aid you handle any given situations should you seek for help, which is indicated in the event you feel you require assistance. Women’s wellbeing and fitness programs will teach you to relax and strategy the issue by way of different sources this kind of as, meditation, exercise and even medication.Women’s healthiness and fitness rely greatly on activities, eating habits and surroundings. A little guide during those challenging times inside your everyday living will only be a helping hand and a stepping stone to a happier, healthier lifestyle. Strategy a women’s health and conditioning center these days, personally or via e-mail and come across our how you’ll be able to make the very best of the life each and every single day.

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